Unique Personalized Stickers, the perfect gift

personalized stickers on a car


Is that special date approaching and you still don’t know what to give that person?

You don’t have to look any further, we will show you some gift ideas that will work for any occasion.

And everything you can personalize becomes something special and meaningful that can’t be compared to something you can buy anywhere else.

Personalized sticker of a complete family affixed to the car


They are a very fun gift idea, since personalized stickers are very useful gifts that you can place on different surfaces and that you can design completely.

We will show you some ideas of examples of places to apply the stickers.


You can apply it on the car and design your family, Baby on board or even your pets, your imagination is the limit!

Personalized sticker perfect for gifts on special dates
A unique mailbox with completely customized stickers


What better place to put the image of a family than on the mailbox, it gives a personal and fun touch to any home. A gift that is sure to please.


Unique personalized stickers to put on your computer, so you can have what defines you always with you.

computer personalized with customized stickers from originalpeople

We hope we have given you an idea to make a gift to that person you love so much and, why not even order one of the stickers yourself! Free shipping available.

At OriginalPeople we give you the possibility to create completely personalized stickers, with more than a million combinations of stickers available.
Surprise that special person with a unique gift that they will surely love.

How do I order my product?

1. Just start by creating your own design on our website. And add a text.

2. Choose the size of the sticker.

3. And finally, choose the color you prefer and voila, you have your personalized product.

Reusable bottles – What should you consider when buying one?

Personalized stainless steel reusable bottle

Reusable bottles have become our faithful friends, especially when it comes to surviving the summer heat and staying hydrated, however, not all options are good.

Therefore, in this article we will tell you what you should consider when buying a reusable bottle.

Let’s start, the first thing you should consider is the material of the bottle, so right now we will tell you about 3 different materials: Plastic, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles
Plastic bottles

The first thing you should know about plastic bottles is: you should not reuse them.

This type of bottles contain elements such as BPA, which is harmful to health, not to mention many others.

Now, since it is not good to reuse them, by buying them we are contributing to the pollution of the environment, since this material is not biodegradable, and it takes between 500 and 1000 years to decompose.

Conclusion? You must take into account that your bottle must be BPA-free, and the damage you can cause to the environment by acquiring the product.

Which brings us to the second type of reusable bottles.

Reusable aluminium bottles.

Aluminium bottle

However, there are other materials such as aluminum.

Aluminium is a better option than plastic bottles, as they are designed to be reused.

Therefore, you can carry it with you everywhere and stay hydrated all day long. However, the drinks tend to lose their initial temperature very quickly.

While most of these bottles are usually BPA-free, not all of them are, so you should be careful when buying one.

Which brings us to the second conclusion: Be cautious with BPA, take care of the environment and look for a bottle that maintains the temperature of the beverages.

With these specifications in mind, we will show you the latest type of reusable bottle.

Reusable stainless steel bottles.

Personalised stainless steel bottles by originalpeople with different designs

Why settle for a good bottle when you can have the best?

These bottles are BPA-free, and are designed to ensure clean, pure tasting beverages.

Not to mention they feature a double wall that helps maintain the temperature of your drinks, keeping them cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours.

At OriginalPeople we give you the opportunity to go to the next level and fully customize your bottle.

We have over a million combinations of stickers available for you to enjoy a completely unique product.

There is a great variety of figures in our online store!  

OriginalPeople product portfolio

How do I proceed?

1. Login to our website and create the sticker design you want to have on your bottle.

2. Choose the size and style of bottle you want..

3. Finally, choose the color and background you like the most, and enjoy your new personalized bottle!

Why should you get a car sticker?

Why should i get a car sticker?

In this world where everyone has the same phones, wears the same clothes, and drives the same cars, it became crucial for a lot of people to find a way to stick out from the crowds. And if you don’t feel like you belong in this group, I’m pretty sure the next few arguments will make you change your mind or at least, will make you reconsider your position.


Personalize your car

Don’t you want to drive a car that looks like no other? With a simple car sticker, you can switch from a simple car that can be mixed up with any other similar one to an original and more aesthetic one. The possibilities are limitless! You can put a sticker of your family, to make the car special for you and your loved ones, or you can put a sticker that shows your interests such as a specific sport or band! You can even just simply decorate it, with flower stickers, heart stickers and even Star Wars or Avengers ones! There are countless possibilities that are just waiting for you.

a safer driving

Having a car sticker allows you to be more noticeable, and therefore less prone to road accidents. A sticker in the back of the car, displaying your family and kids for example, will make the other drivers aware of the possibility of you having children on board and will pay more attention to their driving around you.

want to send a message?

Use this occasion to send a cool message, or one that matters to you. You want everyone on the road to smile? Wish them a nice day! You want to raise awareness? Create a sticker on a subject that needs visibility.

Feeling inspired? If you too would like to have the perfect personalized car sticker, check our website for more informations and offers.
They can even offered to one of your friend or family member!

How do I proceed?

1. Simply create your own personalized design on our website.

2. Choose the color of the product you would like to purchase.

3. Finally, choose the size that you like the most, and there you have your perfect, personalized car sticker!

The best reusable bottles for an Eco-Friendly and sustainable use

personalized bottle pic with flower


The world is now at the point where every little action has consequences on the environment. If you throw your Coca-Cola can on the sidewalk instead of a trash, this same can will stay long enough to see you and a few generations of your grandchildren live and disappear. This is why it is our duty, to everyone of us, to be as responsible as possible. And there are a few things that everyone of us can do, no matter who we are or what we do. One of these things is to reduce our plastic use by starting to use reusable water bottles.
OriginalPeople offers sustainable alternatives to plastic water bottles. Our products are reusable and durable, so you won’t need to waste anymore money and time buying non reusable water bottles.



Plastic waste, or plastic pollution, is “the accumulation of plastic objects in the Earth’s environment”. It affects wildlife and humans, which is why we need to find a way to reduce it.

Our bottles are an efficient and accessible way to help doing so. They are made out of a high quality stainless steel, that guarantees a long-lasting and Eco-friendly use!


Our new products have the same purpose as the others: allow you to enjoy your favorite beverage in the best conditions, while helping preserving the environment from harming materials such as plastic. The new thermos will keep your drink hot for 12 hours and cold for about 24 hours! Your usual plastic bottle could never ;).


Cool right? The design of our product is perfectly shaped to be brought everywhere you go. You can take them into the car, at the office, on a hike… These personalized products allow you to be original, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Feeling inspired? If you too would like to have the perfect personalized product, to take everywhere with you and help reduce plastic pollution, check our website for more informations and offers.

They are perfect to offer to one of your friend or family member, or even to yourself!

How do I proceed?

1. Simply create your own personalized design on our website.

2. Choose the model of the product you would like to purchase.

3. Finally, choose the background that you like the most, and there you have your perfect, personalized and sustainable bottle/thermos/wine tumbler!

The best campsites

Botella en la naturaleza


Living in a caravan all year round is a lifestyle that more and more people are choosing. It’s a good way to follow the sun all year round and escape the routine. Other people also choose to spend their holidays in a campsite, a great way to relax and above all to be free to move around! But do you know which are the “best” campsites in England? Today, Originalpeople decides to introduce you to these campsites and maybe you will feel like taking your caravan and going!

Botella en la nieve


Excellent location at the entrance to the Forest of Dean. A warm and well kept place.The campsite welcomes tents, caravans and motorhomes. The surrounding area offers great opportunities for hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities.


Wall Eden Farm Holidays offers the opportunity to relax in luxurious log cabins, lodges or glamping pods. Located on the edge of the Somerset Levels, perfect for group bookings, families and couples looking for something special and truly unique.

Botella en dos tamaños
aventuras botella


Officially the best glamping site in South East England. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in the peaceful surroundings of Kits Coty Glamping. Different themed accommodation is available such as the Marrakesh tent and the Pamela shepherd’s hut.

Perhaps you own a caravan or motorhome and like to go on adventures with it? Don’t wait any longer and create the perfect sticker for your vehicle on our website. You can create your own design, your own characters and even add a text. So, it’s up to you!

How do I proceed?

1. Simply create your own personalized sticker with your family’s image on our website.

2. Choose a black or white vinyl to match the colour of your caravan.

3. Follow the instructions sent to you with your order and apply your sticker wherever you like!

Create a custom dog mug to show your special bond

Our Favourite Pal enjoying his dog mug

What kind of puppy will you have on your mug?

It’s well known that a dog resembles its owner, not only in appearance but also in character. And just like with humans, every dog is unique. Therefore, OriginalPeople wants to offer you the best personalised designs for your own custom dog mug!

The classic golden friend

Golden Retrievers are very versatile. They are known as bird dogs, service dogs for the disabled, search and rescue dogs, and of course family pets. They are adventurous by nature and they love a good game catch. If you have a golden retriever or a labrador, display them on your dog mug and add a text.

A fella with a funny beard

The Schnauzer is a dog that shows no signs of timidity. Moreover, they are active dogs, always alert and ready for action. The Schnauzer is a dog with a very mild temperament and adapts well to family life, whether it is in a large country house or in a flat in the city. If you have a Schnauzer, make a dog mug depicting him, yourself and a cool symbol. You can also add a fun text.

More than 101 spots

The Dalmatian is a dog breed that owes its name to the historic region of Dalmatia. They used to go next to horse carriages serving as watchdogs, making it the traditional firefighter and stable dog. They have also been employed in war-related occupations. If you have a Dalmatian, make a dog mug to show that you are on duty.

Tough boys are also cute

Today, Pitbulls and Bulldogs are both famous breeds worldwide, and can be found as guardians in homes all around the world. They are both strong and kind pets. However, they are often wrongly considered as “aggressive dogs”, so let’s change peoples’ minds with a cute bulldog or pitbull dog mug.

The running buddy

The Greyhound is the fastest dog in the world, capable of speeds of up to 65 kilometres per hour. They were originally bred as hunting dogs to chase hare, foxes, and deer. Greyhounds are kind, sensitive and tender dogs. However, they tend to be independent and reserved, so they need their space. Not surprisingly, Greyhounds made a name for themselves as racing dogs. Because of this, you can likely find them retired and in the care of shelters and rescue groups. Consider adoption if this is the breed for you.

Petite friends make great companion

Chihuahuas and Maltese dogs are faithful, friendly and very devoted… if they are treated respectfully. Aren’t we all? Chihuahuas and Maltese dogs are the perfect dogs to bring with you! The Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world, has the longest life-span and is typically the pet of choice for celebrities. It feels at home on the big scenes, in handbags carried by stars like Madonna, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.
The Maltese is a gentle and intelligent dwarf dog with quick perception. They are also known for luxury and flair and have always been popular among the upper class. They can do all the exercise they need just at home. Both breeds typically have a strong temper and their petite build is contradicted by their bold presence.

A street dog can also be your BFF

Just as the Disney tale proved, two completely different dogs, like a Cocker Spaniel and a Street dog, can make a great match in your home. There’s always a tiny puppy out there waiting to be adopted!

These are not the only options we have!

You can see more breeds in the builder on any of our online stores, where you can personalise your dog mug, depending on the puppy you have under your roof. Go ahead and check all the different pets, bodies, figures and symbols we offer for you to create your unique one.
Moreover, as dog lovers, we want to offer you a 15% discount on your whole purchase using the promo code: OPDOG

More examples

Personalized gift cards, for a family sticker decal, was the perfect gift!

Family Sticker decal gift cards – saves the day

Gift card family

Make your loved ones feel special

When it came to this year’s big family get-together, I was thinking of things to do in order to make the occasion special for my family. I was looking for ideas on how to make this happen and in the process; I stumbled across the Originalpeople website and started thinking – I can buy a family sticker decal gift card that entitles the recipients to create their own very personalized sticker decal with shipping included.

With most of the members in the family being people who appreciate art and creativity, I knew this would be the perfect surprise. With the year having been a bit rough on us, some mishaps here and there, such a thought would bring hope and happiness in our family. We still had a lot to be thankful for; we are in good health, have achieved great things over the year and are looking forward to many great things in the year to come.

Now that I had an idea on how to make this year’s event special, the next step was to decide how many figures and symbols to include on each gift card, and then to choose the right design template for the gift cards to reflect the fun and happiness I wanted to share with my family.

An user friendly process

Luckily, Original People had some fun designs to choose from – I chose the fun “celebrations” theme for some, and the tropical “palms & slippers” for others. I am not so good with designing cards but here was a platform that provided me with everything that I needed to come up with customized gift cards that each member of the family would appreciate. The simple and clear instructions make the whole process seem so easy.

My experience at creating stickers

It is such a nice experience to be able to give such a fun, interactive gift with just a few clicks. I was, able to give something new, creative, and fun on my own. The experience was satisfying, exciting and eye opening all at the same time. It not only helped me come up with a unique and fun gift, it was easy to do, personal and didn’t cost a fortune. If you’re looking for a more affordable gift, just include less figures and the recipient can later, easily add more if they want to.

With only a few days to the get-together, I was ready to surprise my family. I had bought the gift cards, I chose to send them directly to everyone through the website, making sure I had all their email addresses ahead of time. I did however suggest that we would create the actual sticker at the get-together.

It was a fun activity and brought many laughter’s. Some made decals for their cars showing their FAB family, others made decals showing their many interests and some just made decals with the very cool symbols and emoji’s available on the site. My aunt needed something on her terrace door to avoid bumping into the glass and made a very sweet sticker with her children and all their interests. Personally, I made a cool sticker with me and my boyfriend that I put on the back of my car.

I captured the whole moment on video and I can tell you that this will be something that we’ll remember for a long time to come. I am grateful that Originalpeople helped me to brighten their faces and make everyone in the family feel appreciated. You helped me make this year’s event special; I will be keeping this gift idea in mind in the future, and would recommend it to anyone looking for something unique and easy to give to friends and family alike!

Thank you for trusting us!