Personalised Gift Ideas

Personalized stickers to customize any product

Running out of gift ideas? Don’t worry, at OriginalPeople we will show you  an easy, fun and original solution: Stickers and personalised gift ideas.

The most complicated thing when looking for the perfect gift is to think of something that that special person can identify with, and what better than with their hobbies, or the people or animals they love the most.

For that reason, we’ve created over a million combinations of figures available for you to create a completely personalised sticker!

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1. Stickers to personalize phones and computers

ideas to personalize mobile phone gifts with stickers
personalized stickers for computer

How about a new design for your computer or mobile phone? You can choose symbols, animals and people.

2. Car stickers.

CCar with stickers as ideas to personalize gifts from originalpeople

How about making a sticker with all the members of your family for your car? I’m sure they’ll love it, and it’s a very original gift.

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3. Sticker for the mailbox.

Originalpeople sticker as a gift personalization idea

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Stickers are always good personalised gift ideas, as you can make almost any object unique, so the only limit will be your imagination!

We also offer a variety of products for you to fully customize.

originalpeople personalized products, mugs, bottles, thermos mugs and stickers

Meet all our products, you can fully customize them and turn them into unique and original gifts.

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Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

Mugs for original personalised gifts from original people


Running out of ideas on what to give that special someone? Don’t worry, here you’ll find several cool ideas for personalised Christmas gifts, a unique and original present!

Keep in mind that all the ideas we will show you are fully customisable, so you can change the colour, the figures, the background and even the text..

Read on to find out more….

Personalised mugs from original people


A mug is always a good gift, but what better than something that you can completely personalise?

A mug will always be a good gift, but what better than something you can fully personalise?

Our products are perfect gifts if you want to surprise your friends and family with something original.


If you want to go to the next level, how about a completely unique thermal mug? Not only is it original, but it will also keep your drinks at the right temperature.

originalpeople thermal mug as a personalised christmas present idea

Si quieres ir al siguiente nivel, ¿Qué tal un vaso térmico completamente único?, No solo es original, sino que también mantendrá la temperatura de las bebidas.

 If you want to go to the next level, how about a completely unique thermal mug, not only is it original, but it will also maintain the temperature of your drinks.

Personalised travel mug from originalpeople


If you want an original, personalised and very useful gift, this is ideal, as it is perfect to take in the car, it keeps drinks at the right temperature and, of course, you can fully personalise it.

If you want an original, personalised and very useful gift, this is ideal, as it is perfect to take in the car, keeps drinks at the right temperature and, of course, you can personalise it.

We want to accompany you on all your adventures, what better way than with a completely personalised product?


And for the adventurous, what better than a unique bottle that you can take with you everywhere you go?.

I want it!

Personalised bottle from originalpeople as a personalised Christmas gift idea

And for the adventurers, what better than a unique bottle that they can take with them everywhere they go?

At OriginalPeople we love original Christmas gifts, that’s why we give you the opportunity to create cool personalised products.


Originalpeople gift card as personalised christmas gift ideas a Christmas

If you’re still not sure, a gift card is always a good option, and one of the best personalised Christmas gift ideas!

Who knows what they want better than that person? They’re sure to love it.

Were you inspired by these designs?

You can create your own designs, in the colour of your choice and with a completely personalised background, figures and text!

How do I proceed?

1. Simply create your own personalised design on our website, choose the pictures you like best and write your own text.

2. Choose the colour and background of the product you would like to buy.

3. Give it to that special person, or to yourself!


Father’s Day Gift: An original present for him

The perfect idea for your Father's Day gift.

From OriginalPeople we want to offer you an original idea for your Father’s Day Gift, so that you can change that boring gift for a better one. Our customizable stickers are the perfect gift! You can choose from thousands of combinations to create a fun sticker and a tribute to the best father in the world. In fact, you can add figures of the whole family, including pet, and personalize the text with a phrase dedicated to him, each with his imagination.

Father knows best, so it is time to give the best gift to dad now!

The origin of Father’s Day

The idea of ​​creating Father’s Day came about in the United States in 1910, when a woman wanted to pay tribute to her father who had raised her and her five siblings alone without help from anyone on a farm in Washington state.
The celebration was gaining adherents and spread throughout the world, yes, with different dates and traditions. The European Catholic tradition commemorates it on March 19, the day of Saint Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus.

At OriginalPeople, we think is amazing to have a day to honor our dads, tell them how much we love them and how important they are. Run to our store see everything we have and start making your personalized Father’s Day Gift. He can put his gift on his car, motorcycle, RV, even his phone!

Thank you for trusting us!

Get ready for summer! Create Stickers for your scooter

Have fun riding everywhere with thesescooter stickers

Do you want your motorcycle or scooter to be unique and not go unnoticed on trips or when parked? Then the solution comes from the hand of OriginalPeople and its original scooter stickers with which you can personalize your motorcycle like you have never done before for this summer.


At OriginalPeople, we offer you the chance to make a personalized product for either yourself, a friend or someone for your family. This product is a vinyl that will look great on your motorcycle or scooter.


The first thing you will have to do for you to make scooter stickers is enter the website and once inside select the figure you want (a man, a woman, a boy, a girl …), individual or family. Then you can have fun designing yourself, choosing the head and body of the figure that best suits you. When you have finished your design, you can save it and share it with your acquaintances and lastly, you only have to place your order to be able to enjoy these very personal scooter stickers.


You already have the personalized sticker on your motorcycle and you can wear it for a long time so that you never go unnoticed. And if you have to add someone else next to you, you will only have to repeat the process together with OriginalPeople. Remember that you can apply use your sticker in any hard surface you want.