Custom dog mugs to show your special bond

Our Favourite Pal enjoying his dog mug

What kind of puppy will you have on your mug?

It’s known that a dog looks like its owner, not only in appearance but also in character and personality. And just like with humans, every dog is unique. Therefore, OriginalPeople want to offer you the best designs so that you can create your own personalised dog mug!

The classic golden friend

Golden Retrievers are very versatile. They are known as family pets, support dogs for disabled, rescue dogs, and of course, retrievers.They are adventurous by nature, so they love a good game of returning the ball or a long bath.

A fella with a funny beard

The Schnauzer is a dog that shows no signs of shyness or timidity. Moreover, they are active dogs, always alert and ready for action. The Schnauzer is a dog with a very formal temperament and adapts well to family life, whether it is in a large country house or in a flat in the city.

More than 101 spots

The Dalmatian is a dog breed that owes its name to the historic region of Dalmatia. It used to go next to horse carriages serving as a watchdog, making it the traditional firefighter and stable dog. They have also been employed in war related occupations.

Tough boys are also cute

Today, Pitbulls and Bulldogs are both world famous breeds, and can be found as guardians in homes all around the world. They are both strong and kind pets. However, they are often considered wrongly as “aggressive dogs”, so let’s change people minds with a cute bulldog or pitbull mug.

Run around with a Greyhound

The Greyhound is the fastest dog in the world, capable of speeds of up to 65 kilometers per hour. Greyhounds are kind, sensitive and tender dogs. However, they tend to be independent and reserved, so they need their time and space.

Petite friends make great companion

Chihuahuas and Maltese dogs are faithful, friendly and very familiar… if they are treated respectfully. Aren’t we all? They can do all the exercise they need just at home. Both can show easily strong temper and their petite build is contradicted by their bold presence.

A street dog can also be your BFF

Just as the Disney tale proved, two completely different dogs, like a Cocker Spaniel and a Street dog, can make a great match in your home. There’s always a tiny puppy out there waiting to be adopted!

These are not the only options we have!

You will see more breeds in the builder on our online store, where you can personalise your dog mug, depending on the puppy you have under your roof. Go ahead and check all the different pets, bodies, figures and symbols we offer for you to start creating your unique gift.

More examples and info.

Personalised Mugs: Stay at Home with this perfect gift

Personalized mugs that are a great deal.

At certain times, there is no better solution than a cup of a hot drink to lift your spirits or give you the energy you need to deal with your day. That little moment can mean a lot to someone in their day to day, so: Why not make this daily habit a little more special for someone by giving them a beautiful and unique gift? Here are ideas to inspire you to design these gorgeous personalised mugs.

Mugs to be the favorite grandson

A perfect mug for your granny

It’s time to return all those dozens of delicious meals to the person who knits the best scarves on the whole world. If you are looking for an original gift for your grandmother, here we bring you a great idea. Just imagine your granny having her afternoon tea and remembering her best grandson or granddaughter. Also you can add her pet or her favorite animal to your design!

Mugs for your better half

A nice mug for your love partner

Enough with roses, enough with chocolates and enough with gifts that are left on a shelf gathering dust. It’s time to show your creativity to who you love the most! This gift will perfectly demonstrate the affection you feel for who your other half is.

Mugs to spoil your mom

A nice gift for your supermommy

We are going to give our super-mom the gift she deserves , on her birthday or to surprise her with a special breakfast at home. We are sure that after this gift you will be the preferred daughter or son. And if you are an only child, why not also to show a little love?

Time to make yourseld a treat

Time to relax with your personalised mug

What if you just want to give yourself a self-gift because you’re just a cool person? Of course you deserve it. In OriginalPeople, you can create your personalized mugs as you like, with dozens of symbols . Even if you are a professional, you can put on your work uniform, or wear the clothes of your favorite sport. Or how about a cup for your relaxing moment before doing Yoga ? There is no better than self-love!

Possibilities are endless!

Don’t limit yourself only to the options mentioned above: You can surprise whoever you love the most: your mother-in-law, father, uncle, your best friend or best friend, or also a distant relative who is celebrating her birthday and you don’t know what to give her. It will be the perfect and original gift for anyone you want. Remember that you can also create personalised mugs inspired by your pet.

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