Design a Cat Mug, for yourself or a friend

Look at me!

Home is where your cat is!

How many times have you been at work thinking about what your cat is doing right now? Eating from its bowl? Playing with a valuable object? Taking a nap? Probably all three of those… If you are a cat lover, or know someone who is, you can’t miss this opportunity to create a: custom cat mug.

These original mugs, for your morning coffee or afternoon tea, have innovative and cute designs that will remind you of the special moments that your share with your kitty. And the best part is, your can even personalise it with the design you want and with the colour you like!

An original mug with your favorite friend
Choose the design you like… and add a fun text!

If you are totally crazy about cats, or if you know someone who loves their cat madly, this gift idea will make their day. Everyone that love their cat, will definetly like to have a cat mug at home! To share their moments with that special friend.

Cat Mug: A special gift for you with your nap partner

Those who have a cat companion in their life knows that they are sweet, intelligent and have a lot of integrity. Cats can form a bond with you, that you probably wouldn’t have imagined before. But one tip! Never dare to disturb this little fellow from its slumber!

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Don't mess with your cat's nap

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