Personalised Mugs: Stay at Home with this perfect gift

Personalized mugs that are a great deal.

At certain times, there is no better solution than a cup of a hot drink to lift your spirits or give you the energy you need to deal with your day. That little moment can mean a lot to someone in their day to day, so: Why not make this daily habit a little more special for someone by giving them a beautiful and unique gift? Here are ideas to inspire you to design these gorgeous personalised mugs.

Mugs to be the favorite grandson

A perfect mug for your granny

It’s time to return all those dozens of delicious meals to the person who knits the best scarves on the whole world. If you are looking for an original gift for your grandmother, here we bring you a great idea. Just imagine your granny having her afternoon tea and remembering her best grandson or granddaughter. Also you can add her pet or her favorite animal to your design!

Mugs for your better half

A nice mug for your love partner

Enough with roses, enough with chocolates and enough with gifts that are left on a shelf gathering dust. It’s time to show your creativity to who you love the most! This gift will perfectly demonstrate the affection you feel for who your other half is.

Mugs to spoil your mom

A nice gift for your supermommy

We are going to give our super-mom the gift she deserves , on her birthday or to surprise her with a special breakfast at home. We are sure that after this gift you will be the preferred daughter or son. And if you are an only child, why not also to show a little love?

Time to make yourseld a treat

Time to relax with your personalised mug

What if you just want to give yourself a self-gift because you’re just a cool person? Of course you deserve it. In OriginalPeople, you can create your personalized mugs as you like, with dozens of symbols . Even if you are a professional, you can put on your work uniform, or wear the clothes of your favorite sport. Or how about a cup for your relaxing moment before doing Yoga ? There is no better than self-love!

Possibilities are endless!

Don’t limit yourself only to the options mentioned above: You can surprise whoever you love the most: your mother-in-law, father, uncle, your best friend or best friend, or also a distant relative who is celebrating her birthday and you don’t know what to give her. It will be the perfect and original gift for anyone you want. Remember that you can also create personalised mugs inspired by your pet.

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Stickers for Caravans: Why is it a Great idea 🚐

A unique sticker for your second home.

A lifestyle

For lots of people, camping has become a lifestyle and even more people choose a camper, RV, motorhome or caravan to travel around the world and to explore incredible places with their family. In this article we will show you why your Stickers for Caravans are meant to be for you.

Today there are tons of camper communities: people who share the same love for traveling, the same value and the same desire to enjoy and have fun without, however, sacrificing convenience and comfort.

For these people the camper/caravan has become a second (or even the first) home: they love to personalize it in order to make it unique, cozy and original.
And that’s why more people choose to design their own personalized stickers!

Give a personal touch to your camping-car/caravan

It’s fun to choose heads, bodies, animals, and symbols and design your own unique decal. There are thousands of combinations, you can change order, color and get the touch you want. You can also enter your own personal text!

Our vinyl decals are available in two colors: black and white. You can choose depending on the background color and it will stand out anywhere.

The Foxys have chosen a black sticker to apply on their silver camper. They love chilling out in the grass with their doggies and enjoy the stunning sunsets all around the world.

Several clubs have created their own sticker decal with the club’s name as well as a selection of characters and symbols, which gives a strong sense of belonging. The stickers for caravans makes it extra fun  at the moment to see other campers on the road or at the campsites.

Moreover, our stickers are very easy to design and to apply! You will receive the complete instructions with your order. We promise you lots of fun with our stickers!

Start designing your Caravan Sticker now!

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Top 10 Animal Vinyl Stickers by OriginalPeople

Animal Vinyl Stickers for you and your dog

Many of us like animals and many of us have them as pets, and for sure we all want to take care of themselves in the best way, because they are a huge part of our lives and they mean so much to us. These Animal Vinyl Stickers of your favorite pet or animal is an original and fun way to always carry it with you.

Since we love animals so much, we offer you the Top 10 of animals and pet decals that are a success between our friends. Now you can take your pet friend wherever you go, whether by car, motorcycle, caravan… posibilities are endless for all these animal vinyl stickers!

Spider car decal

NUMBER 10: A Spooky pal

In the last place, we have this cool spider, which is popular to have in terrariums. They are also common as pets, and therefore accompany us in our top 10 today. Get ready to get spooky!

Ferret car decal

NUMBER 9: The tale of a big tail

For those brave and adventurous we bring you a really dangerous design! A ferret car decal, for those who have this beautiful animal as a pet.

Chicken car decal

NUMBER 8: Waking up at dawn

Other small animals, which we are also used to have in our gardens, are chickens. We have a really cute chicken car decal for you, with a mom and her kids walking behind her.

Turtle car decal

NUMBER 7: A Slowly and kind friend

The turtle, a very slow animal, but we love its funny way of moving its head and body. The shell is hard as a stone, which they can hide within so nobody can disturb them. Usually they prefer to live outside, in the garden. We love this turtle car decal.

guinea pig decals for cars

NUMBER 6: So fluffy and so cute

Other vinyl animals that we also like a lot are the guinea pig stickers. These are really cute. And are becoming more and more popular as pets. You can choose one or many of the pigs, write a text that you like and then choose between black or white vinyl. The guinea pig decals for cars are really popular.

Horse car decals

NUMBER 5: Ready for a ride

Do you have children, friends, relatives who are in love with horses? Maybe they do horse riding or they just simply love these animals. Here we suggest a perfect gift for them, the horse car decals are original and can be customized for cars, mobiles, computers etc. Just choose the size you want.

Fish car decal

NUMBER 4: Fun Underwater

The fish is another animal that we like to have as a pet. They usually live in aquariums, either alone or with other water species. We propose that you create fish car decals with the name of your fishes, and stick them on the aquarium. Fishing car decals are easy to apply on a glass surface.

Lion car decal

NUMBER 3: Ready to roar

In the top 3 we have a somewhat special animal, since it is not common to have as a pet. But even so, it is the favorite animal for many persons. We talk about the lion, which in our list of animal vinyls occupies the 3rd place. We have both a female and male lion. Since it’s a wild animal not everyone has the luck to see them in their natural environment, so we offer you lion car decals that you can personalize with your favorite name, color and size.

Cat car decals

NUMBER 2: A furry friend

In the top 2 of today’s blog we have the cat, which is one of the most common pets. That’s why we propose a series of cat car decals that you can place on your rear window, your mailbox or wherever you want. Since the cats tend to stay more at home, we also propose the sticker vinyl for windows. They are fun, original and easy to apply.

Dog car decals

NUMBER 1: Everyone’s Fave Pal

In the top 1 of animal vinyls today we have the dog, a great example of pets which are present in many families. Since dogs are our faithful companions, we usually take them with us wherever we go, so why not on our car? In our library we have many different breeds that you can choose between, to get the best personalized dog car decal for you. To apply on your car, scooter, bike etc.

What are your fave Animal Vinyl Stickers?

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