Stickers for Caravans: Why is it a Great idea 🚐

A unique sticker for your second home.

A lifestyle

For lots of people, camping has become a lifestyle and even more people choose a camper, RV, motorhome or caravan to travel around the world and to explore incredible places with their family. In this article we will show you why your Stickers for Caravans are meant to be for you.

Today there are tons of camper communities: people who share the same love for traveling, the same value and the same desire to enjoy and have fun without, however, sacrificing convenience and comfort.

For these people the camper/caravan has become a second (or even the first) home: they love to personalize it in order to make it unique, cozy and original.
And that’s why more people choose to design their own personalized stickers!

Give a personal touch to your camping-car/caravan

It’s fun to choose heads, bodies, animals, and symbols and design your own unique decal. There are thousands of combinations, you can change order, color and get the touch you want. You can also enter your own personal text!

Our vinyl decals are available in two colors: black and white. You can choose depending on the background color and it will stand out anywhere.

The Foxys have chosen a black sticker to apply on their silver camper. They love chilling out in the grass with their doggies and enjoy the stunning sunsets all around the world.

Several clubs have created their own sticker decal with the club’s name as well as a selection of characters and symbols, which gives a strong sense of belonging. The stickers for caravans makes it extra fun  at the moment to see other campers on the road or at the campsites.

Moreover, our stickers are very easy to design and to apply! You will receive the complete instructions with your order. We promise you lots of fun with our stickers!

Start designing your Caravan Sticker now!

Thank you for trusting us!

Stickers for cars: Take the fun everywhere

Stickers to apply everywhere with your family

Take your creativity for a ride wherever your wheels go! At OriginalPeople, we offer a giant variety of car stickers: figures and symbols, created especially for you, your family, and friends. If your vehicle or the car of someone close to you needs a special touch, here we offer you a fantastic idea. OriginalPeople offers you stickers to apply everywhere. To get started, you just need to start creating your design.

There are many different figures at our online store (grandparents, parents, teenagers, children, babies, pets or symbols) that make up a very large collection of designs to discover. You can build your own car stickers based on each member of your home or their interests, which makes your sticker a very unique and personalized gift. Once you have finished this first process, go on and on with the purchase process.

How to apply my sticker?

Once finished, you will never regret making this gift, either to someone… or even to yourself! You can take that loved person, pet, or just a fun design that came from your mind everywhere you go with your car.

If you need more ideas to place your stickers, remember that on our website you can access our photo gallery to inspire you to create new designs.

Have fun with your family by putting stickers on your car! And remember: you can apply our stickers to any smooth surface. Some other great places are: caravans, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, skateboards, bikes, helmets, laptops, and more.