Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

Mugs for original personalised gifts from original people


Running out of ideas on what to give that special someone? Don’t worry, here you’ll find several cool ideas for personalised Christmas gifts, a unique and original present!

Keep in mind that all the ideas we will show you are fully customisable, so you can change the colour, the figures, the background and even the text..

Read on to find out more….

Personalised mugs from original people


A mug is always a good gift, but what better than something that you can completely personalise?

A mug will always be a good gift, but what better than something you can fully personalise?

Our products are perfect gifts if you want to surprise your friends and family with something original.


If you want to go to the next level, how about a completely unique thermal mug? Not only is it original, but it will also keep your drinks at the right temperature.

originalpeople thermal mug as a personalised christmas present idea

Si quieres ir al siguiente nivel, ¿Qué tal un vaso térmico completamente único?, No solo es original, sino que también mantendrá la temperatura de las bebidas.

 If you want to go to the next level, how about a completely unique thermal mug, not only is it original, but it will also maintain the temperature of your drinks.

Personalised travel mug from originalpeople


If you want an original, personalised and very useful gift, this is ideal, as it is perfect to take in the car, it keeps drinks at the right temperature and, of course, you can fully personalise it.

If you want an original, personalised and very useful gift, this is ideal, as it is perfect to take in the car, keeps drinks at the right temperature and, of course, you can personalise it.

We want to accompany you on all your adventures, what better way than with a completely personalised product?


And for the adventurous, what better than a unique bottle that you can take with you everywhere you go?.

I want it!

Personalised bottle from originalpeople as a personalised Christmas gift idea

And for the adventurers, what better than a unique bottle that they can take with them everywhere they go?

At OriginalPeople we love original Christmas gifts, that’s why we give you the opportunity to create cool personalised products.


Originalpeople gift card as personalised christmas gift ideas a Christmas

If you’re still not sure, a gift card is always a good option, and one of the best personalised Christmas gift ideas!

Who knows what they want better than that person? They’re sure to love it.

Were you inspired by these designs?

You can create your own designs, in the colour of your choice and with a completely personalised background, figures and text!

How do I proceed?

1. Simply create your own personalised design on our website, choose the pictures you like best and write your own text.

2. Choose the colour and background of the product you would like to buy.

3. Give it to that special person, or to yourself!


Personalized gift cards, for a family sticker decal, was the perfect gift!

Family Sticker decal gift cards – saves the day

Gift card family

Make your loved ones feel special

When it came to this year’s big family get-together, I was thinking of things to do in order to make the occasion special for my family. I was looking for ideas on how to make this happen and in the process; I stumbled across the Originalpeople website and started thinking – I can buy a family sticker decal gift card that entitles the recipients to create their own very personalized sticker decal with shipping included.

With most of the members in the family being people who appreciate art and creativity, I knew this would be the perfect surprise. With the year having been a bit rough on us, some mishaps here and there, such a thought would bring hope and happiness in our family. We still had a lot to be thankful for; we are in good health, have achieved great things over the year and are looking forward to many great things in the year to come.

Now that I had an idea on how to make this year’s event special, the next step was to decide how many figures and symbols to include on each gift card, and then to choose the right design template for the gift cards to reflect the fun and happiness I wanted to share with my family.

An user friendly process

Luckily, Original People had some fun designs to choose from – I chose the fun “celebrations” theme for some, and the tropical “palms & slippers” for others. I am not so good with designing cards but here was a platform that provided me with everything that I needed to come up with customized gift cards that each member of the family would appreciate. The simple and clear instructions make the whole process seem so easy.

My experience at creating stickers

It is such a nice experience to be able to give such a fun, interactive gift with just a few clicks. I was, able to give something new, creative, and fun on my own. The experience was satisfying, exciting and eye opening all at the same time. It not only helped me come up with a unique and fun gift, it was easy to do, personal and didn’t cost a fortune. If you’re looking for a more affordable gift, just include less figures and the recipient can later, easily add more if they want to.

With only a few days to the get-together, I was ready to surprise my family. I had bought the gift cards, I chose to send them directly to everyone through the website, making sure I had all their email addresses ahead of time. I did however suggest that we would create the actual sticker at the get-together.

It was a fun activity and brought many laughter’s. Some made decals for their cars showing their FAB family, others made decals showing their many interests and some just made decals with the very cool symbols and emoji’s available on the site. My aunt needed something on her terrace door to avoid bumping into the glass and made a very sweet sticker with her children and all their interests. Personally, I made a cool sticker with me and my boyfriend that I put on the back of my car.

I captured the whole moment on video and I can tell you that this will be something that we’ll remember for a long time to come. I am grateful that Originalpeople helped me to brighten their faces and make everyone in the family feel appreciated. You helped me make this year’s event special; I will be keeping this gift idea in mind in the future, and would recommend it to anyone looking for something unique and easy to give to friends and family alike!

Thank you for trusting us!