Custom Stickers & Decals: Get to know them

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Differences between sticker and decal

Many people use the words decal and sticker interchangeably, but the difference between the two is a question about quality. The decal of Custom Stickers are made of a high quality vinyl. They are also more reliable and durable than stickers. These decals can be used in many ways. For instance, custom family car decals are a long-lasting and great way to decorate your car and make it stick out.

High Quality Vinyls

With modern design technology, decals can be made easier and at a less cost. The vinyl base of a decal gives it both durability and resistance to environmental factors like dampness and cold. Computer aided design assists in creating an excellent product while still producing items that are affordable to the everyday consumer.

Custom Sticker Placement

Custom decals can be placed anywhere! When placing them on your car, they can go many places besides just the rear window. Some other placement ideas are on the refrigerator, cabinets, or walls. They can also be placed on headboards or mirrors. They’re a great way to personalize work and living spaces simply and affordably. Decals are versatile and removable decorations. Because of this, they can be placed just about anywhere, though you should use a little bit of caution and test some surfaces prior to long-term application, in order to avoid damage.

Custom stickers and vinyl decals

Designing Your Decal

Choosing a design for your decal is a simple as thinking about the things you love most. Use a company logo, a name, or create your family coat of arms. Add personality and flare by showing dad with a barbeque spatula or the kids playing their favorite sport. You can even produce a decal to represent your favorite vacation location or print the name of your favorite band. Design choices are endless. It’s simple and fun to generate a unique and personal design.

Benefits of Custom Decal Design

There are many options for decor, but decals have plenty to offer. Some of the benefits decals offer are: They are asy and fun to design, they are highly customizable, made of a high quality vinyl, and last but not least: they are super affordable.

As you can see, decals offer more flexibility and longevity than stickers. If you would like to create your own custom decals, explore our site to get started.

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